Thank you for your interest in Susan C. Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training Program. To secure your space in the training class you have chosen, please complete the registration form below. Registration must be completed at least 10 days prior to the date of the class you have selected. (If past 10 days, contact us to check space availability before registering)aining tuition is:

Our training tuition is:

This training program is $4,400.00 Domestically (USA) for 4 days (40 Hours)

Any International
In-House Training is $4,700.00 for 4 days (40 Hours)
***Plus Expenses***

Any Domestic
In-House Training is $4,400.00 for 4 days (40 Hours)
***Plus Expenses***


Our Mission Statement:

Our goal is for anyone that wants to be a Corporate Flight Attendant on a business aircraft to receive the best training out there. We want you EMPOWERED in the interview process and on your first trip. Our goal is for you to fly that first trip and then be called back
to fly again!

You will learn how to transition from    commercial aviation to business    aviation if you are a "transition"    person.

This training program is absolutely for    the novice as well.

We have trained many people that    have no aviation experience at all. If    you have the skills and the savvy for    this type of work, this is an industry    for you.

In this training you will learn what to    do from the moment you are called to    take a trip until the trip's completion.

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