I attended Susan’s Corporate Flight Attendant Training class in November, 2017. The experience was fantastic!!!!! I am new in this industry and no doubt Susan is the best in her field!!!!! The vast amount of her aviation experiences and expertise in the field of Business Aviation is unlike anyone else. Susan’s class is an absolute must for those of you looking to begin a career in corporate aviation. Susan is smart, dedicated and funny. I highly recommend her course!!!

Shannon Moore
Corporate Flight Attendant
Birmingham, AL

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I attended Susan C. Friedenberg's,
Corporate Flight Attendant Training November, 2017. This program was an all around amazing experience. The curriculum extensively detailed the business of business aviation and your career in this industry and how to create "your business". As a contract flight attendant you are running a business.

The business aspects included “hands on” lessons, role playing and considerable networking opportunities. This combination of experiential and academic instruction proved invaluable to the learning experience.

I highly recommend this training program for its detailed academic process and I feel strongly that it will put any flight attendant a step ahead in the industry. Susan teaches how to work a trip utilizing any corporate flight departments’ SOP’s. (Standard Operational Procedures) from the moment you are called to work the trip until it blocks back in.

Thank you Susan,

Ruthie Detwiler - Contract Flight Attendant
Connecticut & Tri State Area

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Susan’s Corporate Flight Attendant Training was fantastic! The four days flew by! She knows every aspect of the Corporate Aviation Industry. Her experience and expertise is invaluable. I feel very confident starting my new career with her support and the knowledge I received in her class. I’m SO ready!

She was always quick to respond to questions with insightful answers and helpful in getting me prepared for the class with continuous e mails and logistic questions. She also had great suggestions for where to stay in the city and what to do to with my down time outside of class. Philadelphia was a great place to be! As an added bonus she is also really nice and very funny!

Laura Wolfe
Contract Corporate Flight Attendant
October, 2017 - San Diego, CA

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My name is Ruth Matranga and I attended Susan C. Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training on September 14th, 2017 through September 17th, 2017. I have been a commercial flight attendant for 27 years and did not realize the vast differences between being a commercial flight attendant and becoming a corporate flight attendant.

I met Susan at the NBAA Flight Attendant Conference in Long Beach, California on June 10-12 2017. After meeting many people in the industry they had all mentioned that she is very well known and teaches people that wish to become a Corporate Flight Attendant the vital and necessary tools that are needed to do this type of flying and to become a professional Corporate Flight Attendant the

In her training she teaches everything that you will need to perform this job, included but not limited to the business aspects of marketing yourself, the importance of ordering catering and the whole process in detail when you begin your trip to the last minute that you get off the aircraft.

She also covers how to protect yourself in situations such as pay, rest legalities, crew resource management, (communications with other departments) filling out expense reports and safety on your layovers.

I have found this course to be very important to me and a MUST for anyone who is considering entering into the corporate world of aviation.

Ruth Matranga - Corporate Flight Attendant -
Boston - South Florida and New York

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First let me say that Susan is the most wonderful person I have ever met! She is truly an accomplished professional in this business/industry and I don't think you can get this kind of training from anyone else. Susan has years of experience in Business Aviation and she will teach you everything and anything you need to know before taking that first trip.

Those four days of training flew by (10 hours each day) because Susan makes it so interesting and so much fun. Corporate Flight Attendant Training by Susan C. Friedenberg is the best choice you can make if you are thinking about becoming a Corporate Flight Attendant in the Business Aviation industry.

I highly recommend this training, because it is so necessary to get all the information prior to walking onto a corporate jet first hand from an experienced teacher like Susan. The wealth of information she gives you is just PRICELESS! Oh.... and that book, the infamous MANUAL! You will absolutely leave her with everything you need to be ready for employment whether for a full time or contract flying position.

I absolutely loved her and the training!

Philadelphia Training - September 14-17 of 2017
Ekaterina - Corporate Flight Attendant - New York & Surrounding Area

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Look no further for Corporate Flight Attendant Training!!

Susan is the best of the best and will teach you everything you need to know in this industry. She comes with years of experience as a corporate flight attendant and throughout the training she will give you everything you need to know. I am 25 years old, and I just started my first Corporate Flight Attendant position through a private company. Prior to Susan's class, I had only flown just a couple of times.

With no one to shadow or show me the ropes before my first flight, I was not really scared but a little nervous because I had no idea what I was really doing. I absolutely wish that I was able to take Susan's Corporate Flight Attendant Training before my first couple of flights, however, I did survive :D.

But please, please please, reach out to Susan with anything you need because she is truly an Idol of mine after meeting her and taking this course! I am so grateful for Susan and what she has done for me as well as many other flight attendants!

Don't let the long days of training daunt you because Susan's corky and bubbly personality makes the days go by fast and she will have you so captivated with all the stories and flights with hard catering and passengers she's experienced! So make sure you bring your game face and be ready to learn every little detail! It is ALOT!

Thank you Susan,

Alicia B.
La Crosse Wisconsin
August, 2017

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After attending Corporate Flight Attendant Training I feel ready to take on the world of Corporate Aviation. Susan prepares you, not only for the fundamental 'know-hows' of the business, but also prepares you to find work. This is what is unique to her training. While others may teach the basics, this course goes much deeper into situations that can prove to be beneficial in your success. These include things like catering and the power of marketing yourself. Susan is committed to your success and after taking this training YOU will be prepared to have a lasting and lucrative career in business aviation. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TRAINING!!

Brandon M.Bussey
Contract Corporate Flight Attendant
June 28, 2017
Southern California

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I have been a Corporate Flight Attendant since 2008. I feel it is of the utmost importance to be an informed and trained professional in order to provide companies and contracts that you fly for the most comprehensive and elite service possible; my "signature" of sorts. Something they will not forget and call me back to fly more trips.

Thank you Susan C. Friedenberg & Corporate Flight Attendant Training for providing me with new and innovative service techniques, a plethora of ideas on how to creatively market and promote my "signature", and a comprehensive summary of the responsibilities and legalities of a contract CFA. I thought I knew it all..... and now I know so much more to do an impeccable job!
I learned so much during these four days. I'm so glad I attended Susan's training. It is truly a must for both new and well seasoned professional Corporate Flight Attendants. As Susan says in the training, "You don't know what you don't know".

Linda McGurin - New England

March 16-19, 2017

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I have been waiting to take Susan C. Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training for almost two years and it was worth every penny. First of all, let me state that she is an amazing teacher, mentor and comedian!

After not receiving the “Golden Call” from Emirates Airlines in 2014, I researched my options in the aviation industry as a flight attendant. Through my extensive exploration I came across her curriculum for those wishing to enter the corporate flight attendant world.

From articles, video interviews and flight attendant industry Blogs; I chose the Business Aviation Icon, Susan C. Friedenberg. Susan's Corporate Flight Attendant Training course will prepare you for anything and everything. You will not leave her class feeling unprepared or lacking confidence in this industry. Her 400+ page manual or as I call it the “Ken Follet Style - Corporate Flight Attendant Training Manual” will guide you through the ins and outs of the Business Aviation Industry.

As a novice, I was very overwhelmed with the knowledge I received but I know that I am well prepared for any future tasks at hand.
Susan does not leave any information out ranging from the basics, catering, do’s and don'ts, role playing scenarios, etc. Those four intensive days filled me with more enthusiasm and drive to get into the sky and be the best that I can be.

She wants all of her students to succeed in this industry. You will see Susan’s passion in her teaching and text. Being Banished is not an Option!

I highly recommend anyone transitioning from commercial or newly entering this career option to take her course. Even if you have experience in this industry take her course, there is still more to learn; trust me! She is a well respected individual in the aviation society, a supportive mentor and woman. I am honored to have gained the knowledge that she has to offer in her training. Any company or pilot that sees her education on your resume knows that they have a true gem on their aircraft. Your only regret is to not enroll!

Alexis Evans
Philadelphia, PA - Wilmington, DE
March, 2017

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Susan C. Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training is the ONLY way to go to become successful in the Business Aviation industry. It is a truly empowering experience. You will come out of training feeling confident, knowledgeable and ready to face every challenge in your work environment.

Susan will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to start a prosperous, fulfilling and thrilling career. She is a wise, skilled, insightful and accomplished professional. Her humour and wit will make full days go by quickly!

Dearest Susan, I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the amazing 4 day training, ongoing support and friendship.

Patricia Konya
Toronto, Ontario
January 2017

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I have over 8 years of contract, charter and commercial flight attendant experience. I flew with Susan years ago at the Coca-Cola Company. When I met Susan, I had never flown in the business aviation world before. Susan kindly trained me on the Hawker-700, G-ll and G-lll. She is an amazing corporate flight attendant.

After staying home to raise my children for 25 years, I knew I wanted to begin flying again in the business aviation industry. You know how it is when you have flying in your blood...... I contacted Susan knowing that she had started a Corporate Flight Attendant Training Program. Oh my, did she ever!

I went to Susan's training class in Philadelphia and could not believe how things had changed over the years and a great deal has been due to Susan's own personal and professional dedication to business aviation and raising the "standards and perception" for the back of the plane in every way out in the industry!

Susan taught us a college course in 4 days. Her manual had over 400 pages, from trip expense report forms to commissary order/restocking list forms to shots needed for international traveling, etc.

Susan has everything that you need to be a corporate flight attendant. She teaches where and how to look for job opportunities. She still forwards me any positions that become available in Texas. Susan really got me my first contract flight attendant job for me by calling to the operations manager and giving my name while I had my phone off during a funeral. I have flown quite a few trips for that same company since then because she put her name on me.

Susan is committed and as loyal as you can be. For her.... it is all about her name on your resume and you succeeding after the training. She is always there to mentor you!

Susan is dedicated beyond belief. She is excellent at teaching and has a great reputation with her students, pilots, and passengers. I cannot thank Susan enough and I am sure that all her students feel the same.

Rebecca Robertson - Corporate Flight Attendant
Houston, TX - January 2017

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I have about five years of commercial flight attendant experiences with Emirates and Etihad Airways. I live in Canada and wanted to break the wall down to get into business aviation. I researched how I could transition from my previous position with commercial airlines into business aviation. It took more than one year to decide what training I would attend because it is the most important first step towards my new career.

I chose Susan C. Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training. The full-four-day training was essential. Susan’s manual covers A to Z, and it is was way beyond my expectations. I was so proud of myself to choose Susan’s Corporate Flight Attendant Training from the first day of training.

Now I have a thorough understanding and am well versed on the business of business aviation and the roles and expectations of the corporate flight attendant in this industry. I am confident about what I need to do and what I should not do as a corporate flight attendant through the hands-on information and knowledge that Susan gave to me with her full of passion love of teaching and experience!. After this training, I am more than confident, and that I was Susan’s student because Susan has an excellent reputation among professionals in the world of business aviation.

I also took a One-on-One Interview for Success Training. If you would like to get the practical tools and advantages for your job interview, this is the must. Some of the crucial interview tips that Susan shared with me was eye-opening advice that I never considered before.

Susan, I cannot thank you enough!! I have learned a lot from you. Your training gave me the positive energy and courage I need to move forward. Also, your continuously encourage and support me on how to dive into this competitive world. Thank you again!!

August 17, 2016
Victoria Lee
Ontario, Canada

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GREAT TRAINING! After experience with several commercial airlines, I found Susan's Corporate Flight Attendant Training course to be comprehensive and VERY professional. The wealth of information she provides is invaluable. Her personal experiences in this industry and selfless caring for her students and product shows through.
I really feel like I have a new friend and mentor that will be there for me in the future. Her support and advice continues well beyond the long four days in the classroom. I am confident this experience has prepared me well for my new career as a corporate flight attendant. I am already flying!
Fly safe ,

Sharilynn Smith
July, 2016 - Northern California

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Hi Susan-

I wanted to let you know that I got the job with Pentastar!! - I just found out. It's because of you showing me how to prepare, and by the Grace of God, that it happened. You truly opened my eyes of what to brush up on, where to improve, and how to show up in an interview and answer hard questions regarding the industry of business aviation and the role of the corporate flight attendant..

Your class is truly invaluable and I'll always recommend it. I soooo can't wait!! I'm ecstatic! And it's local so I won't have to relocate. What a blessing! My first trip is an International one and I am so very prepared because of your last day of training! I'm truly grateful to you Susan for your continued support and friendship.

Thank you Susan!

Your friend,
Carolyn M. Sutton
July, 2016 - Michigan

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I recently attended Susan C. Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training in Philadelphia and what I learned from Susan, her amazing expertise and years of business aviation experiences was far more than I ever could have imagined!

Her unique style of teaching and knowledge keeps you highly engaged throughout the 4 LONG days. Via her manual Susan really puts you on the aircraft from the beginning to the end, covering every single detail
needed for a successful trip globally. I left feeling empowered and would highly recommend her training to anyone wanting to pursue a career as a Corporate Flight Attendant.

Judy Roy
Suffield, CT
July, 2016

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Dear Susan,

What a wonderfully inspiring course you offer. Had it not been for the long four days in your classroom learning the detailed ins and outs of corporate flying, re creating desserts and being inventive with dinners, I would not have felt as prepared as I now do.

The detail and precision with which you conduct your training class with real examples of how to plan, react and respond to real live inflight situations put many questions and scenarios i had, in perspective.

Most inspiring for me was the catering! This is my speciality and it was a learning experience for me, using your kitchen to practice entrees and desserts creations, which i would be doing at 45000 feet.

Maybe one day, i would have the pleasure to serve you.

Bon Apetite

Susan Allsopp
Guyana, South America.
May 2016

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As far as Corporate Flight Attentandant training is concerned, I have had my share over the past 20 months that I have been in the air flying as a successful contract corporate F/A. I have taken all the necessary safety training 4 times with the top 3 providers, AHA AED,BLS,CPR both Initial and Recurrent. All that training is wonderful and very important for every CFA, but how do we train for the part of our job that will be the majority of what we do as CFA's? There are a few people out there "training" CFA's. In my experience and opinion you cannot find a better instructor or a more comprehensive curriculum than Susan C. Friedenberg's CFAT training course.

It is well worth the time and money you will invest in your self. Susan is not only a very experienced CFA and been in this industry for 32 years, she shares and teaches from her heart. Her expansive knowledge of the world of Corporate Aviation is immeasurable and the experiences she shares one cannot put a price on.

I attended her 4 day training course in Long Beach, CA in August 2014. I chose to stay for the extra day, ( Interview For Success For Business Aviation ) to go the extra mile. It is offered to those that attend the 4 day, the day after the training.

My Achilles heel was interviewing with comfort and confidence and I benefited greatly from that one on one training with Susan.

I have taken what I learned and helped my teenage daughter and friends
to interview successfully and land jobs. Speaking of jobs, fresh out of training, August
2014 I followed Susan's instructions and had my first flight within 4 weeks. I have been lying ever since and I know I could never have been as proficient at my job without this raining. Thank you Susan! Feel free to e mail me with any questions.

Angie Doty
Arizona - 2016
E mail - iflyforyou14@gmail.com

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Dear Susan, 

I am very thankful and grateful for having the amazing opportunity to take your training class and be able to learn from you! I heard about you from a successful corporate flight attendant that was in Facts Training with me. She was doing Recurrent and I was doing Initial. We did evacuation drills together. She said it was a MUST that I take your training.
I feel that your training was an absolute investment in my new career that I'm starting now. You are a very inspiring woman with an amazing personality, business skills, strength and intelligence. Also, you are an outstanding instructor who is able to make a very long 40 hour course with so much information still be fun and very interesting in the way you present everything.  
I now feel prepared to start flying, and I feel very confident because of this training to embrace the new challenges ahead. I'm sure I will turn them all into amazing opportunities with everything I learned from you. 

Danielle Jordan - Contract Flight ATtendant
February - 2016 
New York, NY

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If you're like me you have probably read these testimonials more than once, and researched where to train to be a Corporate Flight Attendant. No matter what search engine you used, and whenever the “keywords/phrases “ corporate flight attendant, VIP Flight Attendant or business aviation was used , the name Susan Friedenberg popped up MOST of the time. You've pulled up the web site- corporateflightattendanttraining.com, a dozen of times, so much so..... that is all you see on your Internet history search. LOL!

After completing Susan C. Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training (December 2015), I can't imagine trying to obtain a Corporate Flight Attendant position without her training.

The training consists of valuable and applicable information that is VITAL to the success of a Corporate Flight Attendant career. Susan is very authentic in the way she teaches, very passionate about the Business Aviation industry, and wants whoever attends her training to be successful in this industry.

I was engaged during the entire training due to her humorous approach and her positive energy. The training is VERY thorough, I absorbed a wealth of information and was provided with the correct tools to be a successful Corporate Flight Attendant.

I would also recommend the Interview for Success Training (one on one training). It’s an overview to what to expect in the interview process specific to the Business Aviation industry, meanwhile creating confidence to get an interview and to nail the job! Your resume and cover letter are reviewed, and there are samples of interview questions that are practiced.

In closing, hands down, I recommend the Susan C. Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training. It’s not only worth the money and the time, but ESSENTIAL if you want to be successful in the Business Aviation industry.

Marva Benjamin- Seattle, WA.
January 2016

P.S. Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions about this awesome training!


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The training provided was much more in depth than I ever expected. My eyes were opened to a new aviation world that I had only heard about. Being an Executive Flight Attendant in the USAF for the past 15 years, I never expected to learn anything new.

Susan certainly changed my perspective and I would have to say the training was well worth it! I feel totally prepared now to transition from Military Aviation to Civilian Business Aviation without any setbacks or concerns. Certainly this was a training to take even multiple time for any Corporate Flight Attendant career! Not only to stay up to speed with the endless changes in this industry, but to uphold and improve the best standards. Thank you for this opportunity.

Angela M. Gregg
USAF Executive Flight Attendant
December 2015

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Thank you so much for imparting all your wisdom/knowledge in the Business Aviation Industry. All the information you provided in your training program is an invaluable tool/ resource in the day to day duties/responsibilities of a Corporate Flight Attendant. The safety training alone would not have been enough to prepare me for the daily functions of the job. I never imagined the detail to this position.

Your training definitely provided me with the knowledge, skill and confidence to be a huge success in this business where your reputation & professionalism means everything and getting "Banished" is never an option! And because of you and your insight being banisheded isn't in my future or DNA!

Thanks again, your loyal student,

Cherri A. Lane - Los Angeles, California
January 2015

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I had considered being a Corporate Flight Attendant seven years ago. That’s when I heard of and met Susan. I am now a single Mom of 2 and needed a new career. So.... better late then never....... I called her and enrolled in her training in Long Beach. There were a few training vendors to choose from, but I remembered her being a special woman and chose her class.

She was very accommodating and made things go easily for me. Her way of teaching is real and authentic to the job. Her training was top notch all the way. I was very overwhelmed by the idea of “plating” food etc. when I began her training. The whole second day (10 hours) was all about food safety awareness and catering and plating food in a way that people will want to eat it and yet, not eat it because it looked so great! By the end of this long training, I felt I could deal with any type of catering situation that could come up at any time globally.

Within 3-4 weeks of this training, I started flying contract for 3 flight departments and have had a blast. I have received high marks from tough pilots I am told. Thank you Susan for preparing me for ANYTHING!

Angie Doty - January 2015
Phoenix, Arizona

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If you're like me you have probably read these testimonials more than once, and researched where to train to be a Corporate Flight Attendant. No matter what search engine you used, and whenever the “keywords/phrases “ corporate flight attendant, VIP Flight Attendant or business aviation was used , the name Susan Friedenberg popped up MOST of the time. You've pulled up the web site- corporateflightattendanttraining.com, a dozen of times, so much so..... that is all you see on your Internet history search. LOL!

After completing Susan C. Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training (December 2015), I can't imagine trying to obtain a Corporate Flight Attendant position without her training.

The training consists of valuable and applicable information that is VITAL to the success of a Corporate Flight Attendant career. Susan is very authentic in the way she teaches, very passionate about the Business Aviation industry, and wants whoever attends her training to be successful in this industry.

I was engaged during the entire training due to her humorous approach and her positive energy. The training is VERY thorough, I absorbed a wealth of information and was provided with the correct tools to be a successful Corporate Flight Attendant.

I would also recommend the Interview for Success Training (one on one training). It’s an overview to what to expect in the interview process specific to the Business Aviation industry, meanwhile creating confidence to get an interview and to nail the job! Your resume and cover letter are reviewed, and there are samples of interview questions that are practiced.

In closing, hands down, I recommend the Susan C. Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training. It’s not only worth the money and the time, but ESSENTIAL if you want to be successful in the Business Aviation industry.

Marva Benjamin- Seattle, WA.
January 2016

P.S. Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions about this awesome training!


Thank you Susan for teaching me the tools and getting me started in the most amazing career I could ever have chosen for myself.

It's been an overwhelming year between conferences and traveling all around the globe, amazing experiences and the most important thing, I am loving every minute of my job, every trip and using everything I learned in your training!

I have been to amazing places that I always dreamt about going to and have been making great connections in the business aviation industry and because of my due diligence, training and passion for this work, I put myself in the exact place I wanted to be.

This year has been nothing less then a dream come true and it all started with finding you on the Internet, telephone conversations, your amazing training and you never giving up on me.

Thank you once again.

Maria Carmela Carrillo - Corporate Flight Attendant
New Jersey - May 2014

Stacks Image 2190

Dear Susan,

I hope all is well with you, and you are busy teaching potential corporate flight attendants! I flew almost non-stop from the end of December to the second week of February with only a coupleof days off in between. I am picking up a few day trips in between my longer flights which start up again mid March.

It has been just wonderful and I want to tell you that I love this job/new career! Taking your training gave me the confidence that I needed to pursue this area of aviation after being an EX commercial flight attendant.

There is SO MUCH to know and to learn.... and without the head start that your training gave me I am not sure I would have lasted. I would have been "banished" making so many mistakes. In fact, I know of many who have just given up due to a lack of training and really understanding the fact that it takes patience and an understanding of the industry and that you have to continually market yourself...no one is going to do that for you. Day one of your training was invaluable to say the least with all of the business tools to being a business aviation flight attendant.

In addition, it is a constant learning experience like you said, while so many of the things you do in life become routine and second nature.......however the clientele on private aircraft change per trip and it is never the same like you taught. I am constantly reinventing myself per trip and the culture/personality of the flight department like you taught me. Ha! I wear many hats to perform this job to the best of my ability and while the pay is great, I earn it every trip that I work.

I use your shared experiences and that manual in my job every day, from my relationship with the crew/flight department, the caterers, to the clientele and the people who support me at each and every FBO.

I cannot thank you enough, and want to tell you that every dollar I spent on my training was a true investment in my new career.

Please call me when you come to Colorado, I would love to see your smiling face!

Best regards,
Kit Leventhal - Corporate Flight Attendant
Denver Colorado - February 2014

Stacks Image 398

Corporate Flight Attendant Training by Susan C. Friedenberg is exactly what I needed to gain professional confidence and finishing expertise to handle myself on any corporate jet. Susan goes far and above safety and minimal requirements. She taught me everything I need to get a job, work a trip from start to finish and do it right the first time! And provided me with her "Bible" for Corporate Flight Attendants (a reference guide) that I will treasure forever. Susan shared a wealth of knowledge and I am honored to have her as my mentor. If you want an edge in this very competitive world of corporate aviation, attend her class.

Sherri Nichols - MS
January 2014

Stacks Image 558

I attended this Corporate Flight Training after talking to my friend, not knowing anything about this industry. He recommended Susan. She definitely made my dreams come true with her personality, business skills, absolute professionalism and caring for her students the way that she does! This was the best training I've done in a very long time.

Susan’s perfectionism and attention to detail, 100% prepared me in the best way to walk into the business aviation industry and into any unknown variables. As she says all the time, “The moment you assume, you go into recovery”, and I learned how to circumvent ANYTHING from her and that manual!

Thanks to Susan's training, I am absolutely confident regarding what to expect and what to do in all types of situations. She is the best trainer and mentor in aviation, and she takes total pride to teach everyone of us, the only way she knows “THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE” and she is funny! She makes it fun and it is a LONG training!

Susan takes her time to help and guide us every time you ask her a question either by call or text. She is always only a phone call away.

Having Susan's name on my resume is a great honor for me and is opening hangar doors!! People respect her training, reputation and her name globally.

Susan taught me, that “BEING BANISHED IS NOT AN OPTION”, AND SHE IS JUST THE BEST IN THIS INDUSTRY! I hope one day I can become as good as she is on a corporate aircraft. I am very proud of having Susan as a trainer, mentor and now my friend.

Thank you Susan.

Lucie Tutunjian – January 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada

Stacks Image 598

If you are reading this..... you are thinking about being a corporate flight attendant and taking Susan's training! The information Susan teaches about becoming a business aviation corporate flight attendant is really invaluable. Susan taught me the endless basics of how to market myself and search for jobs in the field and professional memberships I needed along with highly detailed information on how trips work from the moment you are called to take a trip until its' completion.

She gave so many tips and endless information from her experience and HUGE training manual that you couldn't learn with any other training in this industry without making major mistakes. You would learn without this training........ by making insurmountable catering and aircraft standard operational cabin mistakes and by not being asking back to fly again for that flight operation. As we all learn from her, "BEING BANISHED IS NOT AN OPTION!"

Even if you are already working as a corporate flight attendant, she has years of experience and has been in a lot of different circumstances so there would still be a ton to get out of this class. The information I learned will help me for years to come as I run into similar situations and already know what to do. Her guidance and friendship through this process has been amazing!

Lauren Best - January 2014
Washington, DC

Stacks Image 1118

Dear Susan & Future Corporate Flight Attendant Students:

I enjoyed Susan’s training immensely because she is a very knowledgeable person about this industry. Her teaching style has a comedic type flare, which is so refreshing and really peaks your interest. It makes you pay attention and learn from her and that manual! She had me laughing most of the time however, she is a very professional and a kind woman.
I was a commercial flight attendant for a few years, therefore, anyone looking to transition from commercial to corporate aviation as a F/A, this is the training for you. She helps assist you in that transition from commercial to business aviation F/A and will teach you the differences between the two types of aviation. It is vast…………
I learned a lot about catering and food safety awareness. Also, she gives you several handouts and master copies to assist you in your trip from beginning to end including expense reports, catering orders etc…I found this to be very useful.
This training will help assist you in obtaining your first trip.
Good Luck

Crystal Richardson
Seattle, WA. 2014

Stacks Image 1078

Susan C. Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training class is great for anyone who is interested in a career as a business aviation flight attendant. She also will suggest business aviation organizations to join, ways to network and the way to look at this career not just as a flight attendant, but as a business woman/man.

In her 4 day training class I learned a lot about this industry and the role of the corporate flight attendant. Besides that, Susan is also a very good coach after you take her training. For me, she is more than a teacher because she cares so deeply about her students and their success in the industry. Sometimes I still contact her with some questions even though the class ended, and she is always available to her students after the fact!

Shanti Beatty - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 2013

Stacks Image 1038

I just completed my training with Susan on November 17th and cannot thank her enough for being a pioneer in this industry. Having a background in Commercial and Charter Aviation, I had no idea how different these worlds were until I took Susan's training. The vast differences in making the transition into Corporate Aviation from Commercial Aviation without making mistakes is immense!

Susan's experience, insight, extensive knowledge, imparting the tools needed in a comprehensive way, as well as the job skills that are paramount to being successful in this segment of the Aviation Industry is huge. Her training was intensive, informative and entertaining which made it an all around great experience! I highly recommend Susan's training for those people who have a serious desire to be successful as a Corporate Flight Attendant.

Kirsten Arianejad - Arizona
November 2013

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I thought Ms. Friedenberg was very knowledgeable, very thorough and very creative, especially in the catering planning and plate design. Who knew you could Iron Chef almost anything with a packet of pepper, ketchup and steak sauce? !! :) Also, Susan is very gracious and willing to listen. This was made evident for me in her helping and coaching me on my first flight even before I was an alumni of her training course.

She is an absolute delight to work with and very talented in her field. Actually, she's a pioneer in business aviation, so you Annie, you better get your gun! If you want to learn to work smart and right in all instances to make money and be in exotic locales - then take the course. Don't wait for 'the right time'. The time will pass anyhow, so be ahead of the game and sign up for this powerful and fun training. She is worth every single penny.

Latisha Gallagher, NYC
November, 2013

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I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the experience I was fortunate enough to have in attending the Corporate Flight Attendant Training with Susan C. Friedenberg.

It was four days of intense and personal hands on training by the best in the business aviation industry! Susan was very warm and inviting upon the first moment arriving at her training facility. I must say I was a bit nervous but she instantly has a way of making you feel very welcomed and so comfortable. The training was very in depth and incredibly informative.

Every day I looked forward to my next day and learning experience with Susan. It was truly amazing how fast the hours and days went by. That just goes to show “time flies when you are having fun”!

I would highly recommend her training to anyone already in the business (you can always learn from an industry expert) or anyone trying to enter the business either from the commercial sector or any industry/profession.

Susan limits her classes to a small group and that is so wonderful because you get personalized training without feeling overwhelmed. There is an abundance of information... Susan is very serious about the business, and wants each and every student to succeed and she doesn't just accept anyone into her training course. If her name is on your resume, that means everything to her. She represents this industry 100%!

I feel very blessed and fortunate to have met her and she will forever be a part of my future successes due to her role as an amazing instructor and now mentor.

Thank you again Susan for everything!!


Kathleen Lisi - Columbus, Ohio
November, 2013

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I cannot express how important it was for me to take Susan Friedenberg's Corporate Flight Attendant Training Program. As a former commercial flight attendant for Pan American Airlines, I thought that I might already have a leg up on what I needed to know to be successful in the world of corporate aviation.

However, after not getting hired during my first interview and then asking around I soon realized that being from the "commercial world" might prove to be a disadvantage for me. That corporate and commercial were like comparing apples and oranges. I did not know the job, industry or the language of business aviation.

Susan not only introduced me to the entire corporate segment, but took me through each and every necessary thing/step I needed to know to be successful in my new career whether flying domestically or internationally on any business aviation aircraft.

I left this four day training program completely armed with the confidence and knowledge that I needed to get my first job and what a difference it made. There are so many important details that I needed to understand about the internal operations of the plane, the delicate handling of owners and their guests and my relationship ( CRM ) with the crew.

I can honestly say that without her training I would have been lost when I flew my first trip a few weeks later on a Gulfstream! I did a great job and was commended by the lead passenger to the aviation manager. They even gave me my next trip!

In addition, there are several things that I would have considered appropriate that would have gotten me fired (BANISHED!) right after my first trip, for example pouring anything down the galley sink, what's the sink for right? Wrong! Ha!

Susan is delightful and keeps her program professional and extremely detailed and informative but also fun and light. If you have any doubts about this dream job, I suggest that you read through Susan's web site thoroughly and then call her and book a spot in her training.

Allow yourself the ability to have the passion she has and shares with the class so you do this the right way and get called back for another trip!

Kit L.
Denver, Colorado
September, 2013

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When I was looking for a corporate flight attendant course, there were several to choose from, and I was hesitant since I didn't know one from the other. I didn't want a useless, basic "Barbie boot camp" or "charm school." I enrolled in Susan's course only after an experienced corporate flight attendant I met at corporate specific emergency safety training gave her course a glowing recommendation. She said, "Susan tells it like it is, and it is absolutely worth it," and she was right. You will be engaged the entire 40 hours - from unusual situational training and conflict resolution to catering recovery techniques, she does not miss a thing. Susan's presentation is interactive, non-stop, no-nonsense, and very business-like, while simultaneously relaxed and humorous. Susan is very personable and truly wants to help you succeed. Arrive ready to work and learn. Depart as a well-prepared business aviation flight attendant.

Caroline Ellmaker
Michigan - June 2013

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The Corporate Flight Attendant Training with Susan was a great experience. Susan is an amazing teacher and all that I have learned from her class is valuable information that you won't get anywhere else in any other training for business aviation. Her passion for what she does and teaches is what makes the difference.

You will learn in this training the step by step process of what you need to know, and how to be prepared for that first flight, and many more skills, from catering, in flight service, wine, how to dress for success for interviews and the aircraft, and endless information you will absolutely need to enter Business Aviation.

Thank you Susan for being an amazing teacher!!!
Much love,

Maria Carrillo
June 2013 - Weehawken, NJ

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Well, where do I to start? I have been a Corporate Flight Attendant for 7 years and this training was an eye opener for me as I had never been through a Corporate Flight Attendant Training. My aviation training was from a commercial vendor in the ME.

I learned about Susan from a relief contract Captain my company retained for a month who was a good friend of Susan's. I didn't know what to expect the first time we Skyped, but after that conversation it was a smooth ride all the way.

Getting to Philadelphia was an ordeal and I was tired and jet lagged after flying 13 hours from Nigeria, but for some reason I was energized the next morning after only 4 hours of sleep. I was too excited to begin the training. As soon as she saw me, she gave me hug and we just got along from there. We had been planning the training for almost a year and it didn't look like I was going to make the training until the very last minute this June. From the first page of that manual, it was the best training I had ever been in. I didn't fall asleep in class, I never got bored for a second and the meal presentations blew my mind away.

I was amazed at Susan's vast knowledge and the things I never knew. It was like the first time for me, like I had never been on a corporate jet. I have yet to test my newly acquired skills at work because our jet is still in maintenance, but I have been practicing at home and I CANNOT wait to flaunt my new skills to my CEO.

Susan is amazing, and she makes the training fun and easy to understand, she has a lovely spirit that makes you want to learn, her immense experience is a breath of fresh air. This is the best training I have ever been in.

Thank you for making the training an experience for me
that I will long remember. Getting Banished is absolutely not an option!!

Eve George Ukwuenyi
OSA Aviation Ltd
Lagos, Nigeria - July, 2013

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What an amazing 4 days and 40 hours of Susan Friedenberg’s wisdom and life experiences were jam packed into her “Corporate Flight Attendant Training” course. Her passion for corporate aviation and the desire to prepare her students to be successful thriving contract/corporate flight attendant is clear in her delivery and ability to teach and mentor future flight attendants.

She leaves no stone unturned and ensures that when you leave her presence, you are ready to start your business and thrive. Make no mistake, she expects the best from her students and ensures there is no excuse for anything less than success. You don’t want to be “banished”!

As a recent student of Susan’s I have the utmost respect for her, consider her to be my mentor and my new friend. I wish I had another 4 days and 40 hours with her. There simply is not enough time to learn all that she has learned and experienced in her career. I can't imagine success in this industry without having met and learned from Susan! Thank You!

Kristi Thomasson – Richmond, VA
July, 2013 - Philadelphia

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Susan is an amazing woman whom I have great respect for! She has educated me in the endless facets that encompass becoming successful within the business aviation industry! I'm very fortunate to have found and chosen her training course over others.

Currently, I am flying commercially as a Part 121 flight attendant and I am transitioning over to Parts 91/135. Susan's intense 40 hour training has given me a solid foundation, tools and the strong confidence required to become successful within the Corporate Aviation Industry.

Susan provided me with all the critical information required to fulfill my role as a corporate flight attendant. She shares her personal knowledge, insight, as well the must and must not's. She empowers you to attain success and is always there to answer and support you when needed at any time. She mentors people after you take her training. She is always just a telephone call away for any questions.

Susan's passion, care and total commitment for this industry is evident in her dedication and instruction through her course syllabus and manual. It was a privilege to have taken her training and now be recognized as one of her graduates. Having her name on my resume will open hangar doors! I take great pride in calling her my friend and mentor.

For those of you reading these testimonials and thinking about this career change and the best training out there…..Ask yourself, "Do you want to get the best education on the job, how to get one and do it right on your first trip and be the best!" You have come to the right place to get the right education.


Kimberly Bancroft – Corporate Flight Attendant
Chicago, IL - November 2012

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Thank you for taking me under your wing. I want you to know that I admire your strength, intelligence, wit, and unconditional love you exude to your students and your devotion to share and empower others to succeed in this industry. You are an extremely generous woman with a kind soul who wears her heart and high standards on your sleeve.

I admire your willingness to stand-up for what you believe in and are committed to. Many people are afraid to speak up and shy away because of fear of what others think. You are a brave woman that has made a difference in this industry and know that your voice has been heard whether they admit it or not. Because of you, the industry will slowly accept what you and others bravely stand up to say regarding egress training. Hopefully, things will improve where it applies to safety and standards for the future of women and millions others in Parts 91/135.

It takes a lot for me to hold an individual in a position known as my mentor. My standards are high and I only choose to reflect those that I believe challenge me and make a difference in the direction I want my life to go. They must have high standards for themselves and have integrity, as well as someone I can respect by their leadership. I am proud to call you my mentor and am extremely privileged to have had the ability to learn from you and all your experiences for a career I truly have a passion for.

Needless to say, your training was amazing and I can't imagine trying to be a corporate flight attendant without any flying experience or having flown as a commercial flight attendant without this training. And let’s not even talk about the 12 pound page training manual that I take everywhere!

Anyone considering taking Susan’s course please feel free to contact me anytime. I would enjoy the opportunity of sharing with you how Susan’s class has provided me with an incredible solid foundation, which I have since been building upon. Plus, she is always at the other end of the line when I have a question!

Susan’s course has given me the key to becoming successful within this industry. And empowered me to fly solo as a Corporate Flight Attendant.

-Carolyn L. Grosshans Corporate Flight Attendant - Oct, 2012

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Having worked 12 years as a flight attendant with a charter and scheduled airline I assumed that I was well prepared in transitioning to business aviation. Not only did I fly for a Part 121 airline, I was an instructor myself! However, after enrolling in Susan Friedenberg’s Corporate Flight Attendant Training I realized how very different the two environments actually are.

Susan’s training was one of the most comprehensive programs I’ve ever taken. Her professional, expertise and vast experience proved invaluable. There wasn't a contingency, problem, or situation that wasn't tackled, as well as a solution offered. In addition to learning what is expected with regards to in-flight service and responsibilities, she taught food safety awareness and the specific language of business aviation catering, including global catering procurement. Her hands-on food preparation and presentation sessions, and her meal planning exercises were extremely helpful in understanding the dynamics that go into making a flight a successful one.

Besides flight attendant training Susan also offers Interview for Success Training, a one-on-one five hour training focusing on the employment process, covering everything from resumes and cover letters, to telephone and in person interviews. Susan’s keen business sense, her knowledge of the market, and her networking savvy, made this class a must. I highly recommend it.

I believe that I would never have achieved the level of success in my career without the training I received from Susan Friedenberg.

-Chris Lally – Wilmington, Delaware 2012

215.413.9013 fax
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