This program is an extensive four day training program that covers the skills and tools needed by today's business aviation corporate flight attendant. It details the basic standard operational procedures that are utilized by most corporate aviation flight departments globally. It is a training that encompasses everything from what a corporate flight attendant is, to your first trip from start to its' completion. Additionally, this training program will enhance and prepare you for any interview process with a corporate flight department or a fractional company.

This training is conducted in Long Beach, California, and Teterboro, New Jersey.

It is a strong comprehensive and informative detailed training that has proven to be very successful in educating people and aiding them in finding work within business aviation. It addresses the specific marketing strategies that will create success for you within the business aviation industry. This training will teach you how to manage yourself as a business person while flying on a contract basis. It provides you the student with a thorough understanding of what corporate aviation is, and is not. It is an invaluable training for those who wish to break into corporate aviation.

The Corporate Flight Attendant Training teaches the importance of catering as it relates to business aviation. The Corporate Flight Attendant Training also includes a vast amount of catering information where it applies to International trip planning. This training syllabus will empower the new corporate flight attendant to accept trips to remote International destinations. You will gain knowledge that will assist you in knowing what is expected of you and add to your comfort level in taking the assigned mission from start to completion. We cover in great depth:

* Defining The Corporate Aviation Flight Attendant
* Distinctions Between Contract & Full Time Employment
* The Differences Between The FAR'S Where Applicable
* Managing Yourself As A Business Person In Corporate Aviation
* Resume & Cover Letter Protocol
* Developing a Professional Image & Dressing For Success
* Corporate Culture
* Food Safety Awareness
* The Language Of Business Aviation Catering
* Catering Communication Skills
* Catering, Food Presentation & Packaging
* Trip Prep From Assignment To The Trip's Completion
* Sequence Of In-Flight Service, Duties & Aircraft Responsibilities
* Remain Over Night Responsibilities For The Aircraft
* Aviation Department Communication Skills
* International - Remote Trip Planning/Safe Global Catering Procurement
* Trip Prep For Emerging Market Country Destinations
* Augmented Crew Changes & Applications
* International Customs/Safety & Cultural Awareness

****When conducting an In-House training, we incorporate your flight department's SOP's and mission statement into the first day and remove the marketing aspects of this training.****


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